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Helping Businesses Comply with Privacy Regulations

May 18, 2017
Today there are more and more reasons you can't trust what you see and who you share with online. Agingo helps businesses comply with emerging privacy regulations by giving your customers a more efficient way to take control of their information online. Agingo believes that tracking and profiling people is driving the demand for new consumer protection laws that will increase the cost of doing business online. The $100 billion that businesses spend on digital advertising and search optimization today is working against more businesses than its helping. To solve this problem, Agingo has invented an alternative that creates a direct relationship with customers online and simplifies how your business complies with the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and General Data Protection Regulation (“GPDR”) laws. Agingo achieves this by providing a user-controlled Portal that businesses give customers to manage and control their personal information. Customers use the Portal to control what they see and who gets access to their personal data by trusting websites. The more trust a business earns the more access they get to their customers. Agingo puts privacy first and secures data by combining the power of its blockchain platform with a patent pending way to assess trustworthiness. Customers are given all the control and businesses will no longer have to pay by the click to rank to the top. Businesses simply pay Agingo a small transaction fee to transfer encrypted data that customers approve businesses to receive. In principle, the goal is to give businesses a way to comply with GDPR and CCPA laws while giving people a way to reclaim control of their search results and private information. Watch Our Video or register your domain name with Agingo and add a trust button to your website.