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Applications of Blockchain for Improving Immigration

Jun 09, 2018
Agingo delivered a keynote to the AILA in San Francisco to describe how is GDPR and CCPA solution would help protect information used in immigration. By utilizing Agingo's mutual assessment of trustworthiness identities can be validated without a person giving up their identity to a single centralized entity. As users share their data with companies they trust it lays the foundation for those companies to assess the trustworthiness of the individual. 

In the case of immigration lawyers and governments from around the world need to know if the passports, identity cards, and information they receive from lawyers or others in an immigration process is trustworthy. By using the Agingo Not-Only-One-Blockchain ("NOOB") technology and its privacy compliance technology immigration and identity databases can be modernized in a way that brings more security, privacy, and trustworthiness to the process.