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Data Banking: Managing the Worlds Data Like Money

Jun 20, 2019

Prior to Agingo Jacob was the Innovation Wrangler for Wells Fargo. During his career in banking he led the creation of a global innovation lab designed to help employees and entrepreneurs innovate faster. With over 20 years in financial services he left his corporate banking career in late 2016 to decentralize the control of information. In early 2017 he and his friend, now co-founder, Kyriakos began developing a massively scalable blockchain platform leveraging their years in cybersecurity and designing high speed/low latency trading systems. On July 21, 2019 at the Stevens Institute of Technology Jacob will share their advancements in blockchain design and how enterprises can profit by protecting their customers information. SAIL Conference: Blockchain and the Digital Marketplace

The world of business is going through a massive transformation driven by new business models, data breaches, and privacy laws that give consumers more control. Information is increasingly becoming more valuable than money and the risks are similar when not managed properly. Agingo has created a Data Banking platform for banks who want to profit by tokenizing assets, assuring secure transactions, and managing privacy. 

Agingo believes that banks have many reasons to give thier customers data accounts. Business customers will easily get secure access to information that customers choose to share, while consumers are given one place to control what they see and share online. As banks offer Data Accounts they will earn trust and businesses will become less dependent on marketing strategies that cannibalize their customer relationships.

In an age of cyber disruption, Agingo offers a platform that was designed from the ground up to scale and manage the worlds data like money. Reach out to learn more.